24/7 Service

At Accutherm we understand that our customers rely on us to be quick and efficient.  Product pulled from the shelves or lost is a loss in sales and revenue to our customers.  Because of this, our Service Department is available to our contracted Supermarket customers 24-hours a day 365-days a year with a guaranteed response time of 2 hours or less for temperature critical calls.  We have a reputation for being dependable and trustworthy and our technicians are skilled at troubleshooting refrigeration cases and associated systems.

Fast, reliable service 24 hours a day

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Fleet Vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles are monitored via GPS for up to the minute positioning reports, onsite/departure confirmation, and most important, efficient dispatching to best serve our customers. Each of our vehicles is well stocked with industry standard parts and refrigerants.  Additional parts, filters and refrigerant are stocked in our warehouse for easy access at any time. 

Service Technicians

All technicians undergo industry specific training with Accutherm’s rigorous in house training program after completing their 2 year/certificated programs prior to becoming a field service technician.  All Accutherm technicians are licensed and certified with the EPA.  This advanced training and required knowledge is what makes our technicians unique in this industry. 

Customer Service

Our Service Administration Team utilizes assigned account managers who work with our dispatchers to provide time critical support for their assigned customers.  They are also responsible for scheduling our full time maintenance teams to handle scheduled maintenance programs.All service calls are cataloged in our secure proprietary database by store, systems repaired, symptoms reported, and corrective action performed. 

The database allows us to generate reports using any data included in a service call.  This is a powerful information analysis tool for both our service department and our customers.  We are able to track recurring problems and other service concerns to identify systemic issues within our customer stores.  Refrigerant tracking and leak rate reports can also be created upon request.