Energy Management Systems

Accutherm Refrigeration was started as a technology driven company filling a much needed void in Energy Management expertise in the Supermarket industry.  This core experience lives on in our dedicated controls department; capable of designing/installing and maintaining most Energy Management Systems in the market today.  We love a challenge, whether it’s replacing a no longer supported Invensys or Comtrol product, or installing Danfoss or Emerson controls, we’ve got you covered!

We are licensed as an electrical contractor so when the need arises we handle our own electrical work as required.

We offer effective solutions to keep your energy costs down

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Brands We Know

Accutherm is experienced with Com-Tool, CPC and Danfoss retrofit/remodel, and new store installations including but not limited to Refrigeration, HVAC, Lighting, and variable speed motor control.

Premier Contractor

Known in the industry as a premier energy management contractor, EMS is where we started and we continue to be an expert in the latest energy management systems.  We have a dedicated team of programmers and installers that can meet the needs of any Supermarket.

Technique is everything

We go the extra mile.  As a service contractor we understand how a poor installation adds to the cost of maintaining the equipment.​  We utilize professional grade terminal strips in place of mechanical time clocks to ease circuit identification.  We make it a priority to label all termination points.