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Condenser Cleaning & Maintenance

17º F Condensing Temperature Reduction
Using Accutherm’s High Volume SuperPump.

Regular cleaning of air conditioning and refrigeration condensers helps your equipment to operate at peak efficiency.

For every 2°F rise in condensing temperature caused by dirty coils, efficiency is reduced by 1% while power consumption is increased by 1%*.

Greasy dirt and dust in the air collect on air conditioner and refrigeration heat exchange units. If finned heating or cooling coils are left uncleaned, heat exchange is reduced, compressors have to work much harder, costs go up and valuable equipment breaks down.

Accutherm performs condenser coil cleaning maintenance for a fixed cost per coil. Our SuperPump equipment cleans air cooled condensers 95% using only mild detergents to loosen dirt.

One of our expert technicians cleaning an air cooled condenser coil.

SuperPump - Accutherm's purpose built condenser cleaning rig.


Coil cleaning method comparison.

High Volume SuperPump & Emulsifier

No acid based cleaners used reducing fin corrosion, metal loss, and roof damage. Our biodegradable cleaner quickly dissolves dirt, and flushes debris using our high volume pump. No fin damage from high water pressure.


Garden Hose & Chemicals

Water volume insufficient to rinse corrosive cleaners and debris from between the tube passes. Takes roughly 4 times longer than SuperPump.


High Pressure Steam & Chemicals

High water pressure pushes dirt and debris into the center coil area making the situation worse. Fins are easily damaged.

Dirty coils being flushed.

Clear water after flush.

*Source: Nu-Calgon Application Bulletin 3-125.

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